This Is A Joke, Right?: Gold Diggin Divas ‘Codependent’

Trifling is the best way to describe the Nawlins-bred and LA-based sister act The Kardashians Gold Diggin Divas video for their song "Codependent," where they cacaphonously cluck about their desire to live off the bankroll of some
mythical high-roller. Among their more memorable squawks are lines like, "Ya gotta pay to hit this
gotdamn queen" and "If you ain't bawling sit down," to which I reply with a resounding "Child, please!" The saddest thing about these
bootleg Bond girls isn't their obvious lack of rhythm and lyrical skill, super-annoying accents, nor that they brag about their questionable
lifestyle, but rather that they have found a way to butcher an already borderline janky song that's four years
old. Webbie's "Independent" actually had a quasi-decent message (and made for a bangin' ringtone),
but these birds had to go and ruin it. How wack do you have to be to do that?

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