Who’s The ‘Boss’? Just Ask Syleena Johnson.

SoulBounce fave Syleena Johnson is back sporting a jazzy new look and rocking our ear canals with "A Boss," her fresh-to-death single from her upcoming album, Chapter 5: Underrated. It sounds like this time around Syleena is taking no shorts, and she's
coming strong with a song that has the potential to be a commercial hit laced with her signature phenomenal vocals. She takes an otherwise ordinary song about wanting a man on her level who has just as much as she does and turns it into a funky workout. We've heard a variation on this theme before with Shareefa's 2006 song "Need A Boss," but the vocals that she lacked Syleena has in spades and she wins by playing the big joker. You can win, too, by copping the free download that Johnson has made available for her Syleegion.

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