Yes, Jill Scott, We ‘Love Soul Bounce,’ Too

Now that The Light of the Sun is shining on us, Jill Scott lovers the world over are basking in the album's afterglow. Ever since getting wind of the tracklist, there was one song in particular that we here at SoulBounce were dying to hear from the collection -- the bonus cut "Love Soul Bounce." We couldn't download the deluxe edition from iTunes fast enough just to listen, and Jilly did us oh-so-right even though she sings about getting done oh-so-wrong on the track. "Love Soul Bounce" is quintessential Jill; no one does wistful yet sexy better than her. She draws you into her dilemma as she wonders if she's making the right decision to go back. Raise your hand if you've been there, done that, got the t-shirt, took pictures, and sent postcards. The tone of this song may not exactly be SB theme music material, but you better believe it'll be in heavy rotation around these parts for a long time to come.

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