‘You’ Need To Watch Out For Ayah

When Ayah surprised us late last month with a new song, it was great to hear her again. Now with the short film for "When It Comes To You," it's even better to see her in action. Directed by her friend and fellow artist (not to mention SoulBounce fave) Slakah the Beatchild, these visuals aren't your typical music video. The film opens up with shots of empty bottles -- liquor and pill -- strewn across seats and the table where Ayah is seated in a bar with her song playing in the background. She begins a voice-over, and I love when she says, "just because the bottle is empty, doesn't mean I drank it." That's both hilarious and gangster. But the rest of the video is no laughing matter as she sets her sights on a gentleman at the bar and seduces him in seconds. What ensues, you won't see coming -- he sure didn't.

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