BET Puts On Its ‘Sunday Best’ For Another Season

After watching yet another ridiculously ratchet awe-inspiring edition of the BET Awards, I'm sure you're left wanting for more of the cable network's prestigious programming. Sarcasm aside, I'm actually being serious about BET's Sunday Best, one of the better music competition shows on television. Entering its fourth season, the show searches for the next gospel superstar from an array of talented (and sometimes not-so-talented) singers fom all corners of the country and in some cases worldwide. Kirk Franklin, gospel's own version of Diddy, returns as host and brings with him the ladies of Mary Mary and Donnie McClurkin to help in the judging efforts. If you've watched previous seasons, then you know other gospel greats will make appearances, like this season's celebrity mentor Kim Burrell, as the finalists are whittled down until there is only one left standing. Seeing the finalist's journey until the end is a great initial draw, but keep watching and you'll realize that another draw is seeing what in the world Kirk will be wearing every episode (I swear he dresses like a youth minister that who just got to church after a long night at the club). If you are a fan of American Idol-like shows and gospel music, then this will be right up your alley. Be sure to tune in to the season premiere of Sunday Best this Sunday at 8 pm EST and then send up a few prayers for BET the following Sunday morning.

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  • Barbara Scott

    Here is my problem with BET Sunday Best its fine if the three supposedly Christian Judges want to play around with the devil and sing for his glory but it is another thing when you want and expect others on the show to cross over as well. I wish you would stand up for Jesus and stop bowing down to what you think the world expects of you. I don't care how you cut it Holiness is Right and Hell is Real. By the way when you are ugly to people even though you are smiling it is still ugly. I will no longer be watching this show.


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