‘Love Is Found’ With Sade

One of the most memorable concerts I've ever been to in my life was when I saw Sade back in 1993 on the Love Deluxe tour. I had been to a Budweiser Superfest or two and a handful of concerts prior to that, but seeing Sade live for the first time was a life-altering experience. When Sade Adu took to the stage and sang, it was incredible to hear someone sound better live than they did on record. I was in a state of disbelief, which gave way to euphoria when she sang one favorite after another. Back then I swore that I would probably never attend another concert that awesome, and with the exception of subsequently seeing stellar shows by Prince, Maxwell, Jill Scott, and The Roots I had not -- and then I got the opportunity to see Sade once again in Baltimore on the first US date for the Sade Live tour a few weeks ago. All of those sweet memories came rushing back, and I couldn't wait to be blown away again, which is exactly what happened.

Those who've been to the Sade Live tour already can attest to the fact that this show is nothing short of epic. Sophie Muller's entire production -- the staging, the lighting, the cinematography -- enhanced Sade's beauty and artistry in new ways. This is quite evident in the music video for the song "Love Is Found," which can be found on The Ultimate Collection and is lifted straight from footage of the Sade Live tour. During the concert, this was a visually striking moment when shadows of Adu and a man dancing lit up the gigantic screen that was set up behind the band. The sexy choreography complemented the song's thump yet it wasn't distracting -- Sade, dressed in all black and rocking her signature red lip and ponytail, still commanded your attention in the foreground. Watching this video has me reliving the rapturous joy of my latest Sade concert experience (thanks in large part to band member Tony Momrelle) and crossing my fingers that a Sade Live DVD is in the making.

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