Ryan Leslie Pushes ‘Les Is More’ Release Back

If you're a Ryan Leslie lover, then you may have been looking for his new album, Les Is More, to drop today July 4th, his long-ago promised release date. However, Ryan pulled the plug on dropping the record on Independence Day, instead declaring on Twitter and Facebook, "I will not drop this album without a proper campaign!" complete with the image above that was snapped yesterday afternoon in rainy NYC during an impromptu political rally, er, photo shoot with his fans.
I'm not sure what's up with homeboy on Ryan's right giving him the side-eye, but maybe he was mad he didn't get to hold an "R-Les For Pres" sign or didn't take too kindly to this push back news. Nonetheless, this makes sense for Ryan to delay Les Is More's release because there was little to no momentum for the album should it have been released today. Furthermore, he's not done writing or recording songs for this upcoming opus according to a comment that he also left on Facebook. There's currently no release date for Les Is More other than "fall," but brace yourself for more Ryan Leslie over the next few months to get you nice and ready.



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