Van Hunt Is ‘Savage, Sincere’ On His Latest

Keeping true to his word, Van Hunt is filling our musical coffers up with the release of another tune that he's giving away for the low cost of free. Unlike last month's "June," which sounded better suited for a cold, dreary winter's day, Hunt delivers something more hot and steamy with "The Savage, Sincere L of P." Back is the soulful rock edge that has colored his past work as he screams and growls about "the savage, sincere look of pleasure." Well alrighty then. Van finesses his way through yet another song about pleasures of the flesh, and helps to build anticipation for the September 27th release of What Were You Hoping For?.

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  • Whoa! I love this man till infinity. Welcome back, Van Hunt! Missed you, boo.

  • KF519

    :-/ Just not feeling Van Hunt this time around...hopeful about other tracks

  • valdeezy

    Sounds like one of those tunes that grows on ya! Good job Van Hunt, been a fan forever. And thanks God it doesn't have that annoying techno beat every song has these days!!!

  • I feel like he is exploring more of his rock background. I like this.

  • Manamongst

    Almost, he had something there with the bassline as well as the organic drum pattern. The soulfulness didn't carry the rock elements on its back. The rock elements didn't do its part and pull together some of the meatier key changes and hook transitions. This dude is an artist so I'll assume that he's listened to this for hours and maybe this will develop on us as valdeezy intimated earlier. But he needs some keys/organs (or something...jeez can a brother get a harpsichord?) in this song as well, with just the lazy rhythm guitar that he mixes down as the last instrument you hear. I was also looking for more of the 'sangin' like in the hook and chorus.

  • Exceptional entry! I discovered it extremely intriguing. I'll check back later to see if much more posts are added.


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