Will You ‘Love’ Melanie Fiona’s Island Vibe?

Just in time for Caribana, Toronto native Melanie Fiona draws on her reggae roots for "Like I Love You," a new single off of The MF Mixtape. This, my friends, is what Rihanna's "Man Down" should have been: sensual, evocative, and based in reality. No shooting and maiming, no calling Peggy Sue to bail her out, no cliché rum-pah-pum-pum's. Instead, Melanie laments a love unrequited; we can all identify with the painful sweetness of making someone a priority when they are only willing to make you an option. Couple this with her powerful vocals (which are refreshingly tempered for this song), and you have an MF groove. It will make you want to grab some rum punch and slow-wine your sorrows away.

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