Alice Russell Gives It To Us ‘Hard & Strong’ ‘Over & Over’

Adele may be ruling the charts with 21 and people may still be mourning the loss of Amy Winehouse while rediscovering the gems in her catalog, but when it comes to UK singers, for me it's all about Alice Russell. I need a new album from her like yesterday, but there hasn't been anything to report on that front of late. However, that lack of news doesn't mean that Alice hasn't been creating new material and even testing it out on European audiences lucky enough to see her perform. In two separate performances in France, Russell blessed those in attendance with two songs, "Hard & Strong" and "Over & Over," which may or may not find their way onto her next record but are enough to satisfy those of us with ravenous appetites for something from her. She effortlessly belts out these tunes, making it look as simple as talking about the weather. If these songs are any indication, then the forecast for Alice's next album is sunny with a chance of damn good music. See Russell and her band in action on "Hard & Strong" below and with the addition of a string section on "Over & Over" after the bounce.

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