DMV Bouncers: ‘Don’t Wuwwy,’ Kendrick Lamar & Co. Will Rock DC This Friday

Critically acclaimed Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar will rock the 9:30 Club this Friday, August 12th at 8 pm for the Don't Wuwwy showcase along with label mate SchoolBoy Q, DMV artists Phil Ade and Phil Da Phuture, and Houston lyricist Ashton Travis. Armed with the hunger that eludes many established artists, these men are coming for the throne Ye and Jay are so ardently trying to protect.

Organized by DC to BC and The Great Progression, this show will bring Lamar to the District fresh off the high of his well received album Section 80, a piece of work that is as hard as it is thought provoking. He is at once the typical California rapper: laid back, familiar with the joys of using marijuana and other drugs, but he is also a thinker; contemplative and highly aware of the political and economic dynamics of his surroundings. It is easy to forget he is not yet out of his twenties.

The homies at DC to BC released a sampler of all the artists performing this Friday, entitled Hello, World. Be forewarned: there will be discussion of sex, drugs, and other hip-hop subject matter. What makes these artists different is that it's not the only thing they talk about; it's not all bravado and bullsh-t. Their work possesses a spirit and conscience that for so long seemed to be gone from hip-hop. Personal favorites: Kendrick Lamar's "HiiiPower," an anthem for disenchanted (and disenfranchised) '80's babies, and "Everyday Hustle" by Ashton Travis, a smooth, ride-out type of joint with a jazzy A Tribe Called Quest type feel. There's something for everyone.

Peep the entire mixtape below. You can get more information about the show here, and cop tickets here.

DC to BC and The Great Progression present Hello, World

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