Does Beyoncé’s ‘1+1’ Video Add Up?

As she did with previous albums, it seems that Beyoncé will create videos for each song on 4. Last night, she debuted the video for the album's first track "1+1" on E!, much to her stan's delight. Directed by King B herself (along with directors Laurent Brient and Ed Burke) I don't know much about algebuh, either, B, but I do know that the video for "1+1" doesn't quite add up. The song, which has grown on me since I first heard it when she debuted it on American Idol, is about an intense love, yet all we get are intense glamour shots of King B looking greasier than a Popeye's two-piece in various states of undress and a brief glimpse of a male lead. If this had been a promo for the latest addition to her Heat perfume line then maybe I'd have been willing to grant a pass, but as an official video? I'll pass. Seeing as "Party" has already been tapped as the album's next official single and she's already shot the video, let's hope that it has a bit more life than this one.