Elle Varner & J. Cole Would Like To ‘Give It To You’

Sometimes love can be like that extra special pair of kicks you can't live without. At least, that's what newcomer and musical prodigy Elle Varner thinks according to her new track "Only Wanna Give It to You." Though the analogy stands to be further expounded upon in the song's lyrics, you still have to admit this song goes pretty hard. Armed with nothing but a few recognizable hip-hop samples and a funktastic bass guitar groove, Elle makes a brotha feel like he's truly wanted. Her voice is warm with just enough of a rasp to differentiate her from the current crop of R&B/pop vixens. Roc Nation signee J. Cole also comes along for this ride, laying out a decent enough guest rap that, while not contributing much to the song, doesn't hurt the groove either. With a debut set to drop sometime in the near future, we'll see if you'll want to give it to her (And by "it" I mean album sales, people! Get your minds out of the gutter!) after listening to this track below.

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