Get ‘Together’ With Daley & Marsha Ambrosius

While no one country has the a monopoly on the Soul/R&B sound, the Brits seem to be very well-versed in it. If you need any proof, just ask Adele as she looks down on us from the top of the Billboard charts for the twelfth time since February. Or you could check out young British singer/songwriter Daley. Daley, he of the fantastically interesting coifure, has been featured on BBC Radio quite frequently and even guested on Gorillaz's single "Doncamatic" last year. This summer, he dropped his free mixtape Those Who Wait, a 10-track collection featuring his buzz single "Game Over" and acoustic covers of Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" and Madonna's "Like A Virgin." The standout, however, is his duet with fellow Brit and SoulBounce fave Marsha Ambrosius on the stellar "Alone Together," a slow jam sure to become the soundtrack to a few bedroom encounters (it's definitely going on my playlist). Check out "Alone Together" below and a video of Daley working his own magic on "Pretty Wings" after the bounce before you head to his site and download Those Who Wait.

After the bounce

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  • Damn I've definitely overlooked this guy. Downloading the mixtape now!

  • jak

    Fantastic duet...pls give us more of this and less of the bitchiness.

  • Felisa

    Oh my, this is lovely! I've got the mixtape DLing right now! 35 seconds left!

  • SugarHoneyIceT

    i neva heard of him until now but know I know......this song right here, goes in.

  • Queen of Flow

    Where's the download? Omg This is slick, I love it!

  • Queen of Flow

    Where's the download? Omg This is slick, I love it, and hope to play here in Las Vegas on Power 88


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