Imaani Has ‘Found’ Her ‘Light’

Imaani, the voice behind several soulful house classics as well as hits from Incognito and Reel People, is a name that always brings a smile to my face. One of the most prolific yet underrated British vocalists of a generation, solo material from Imaani has been a long time coming -- and it looks as if the wait might be over. Released through Reel People Music, "Found My Light" sees Imaani expounding on the joys of motherhood and is the pre-cursor to a three-track EP to be released later in the year. The single features a delightful house remix by The Layabouts and an alternate, acoustic mix that really shows off Imaani's beautiful vocals. The video for the Layabouts remix can be seen below and seems to explore both her child and her partner being her "Light". More please.

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