Watch Belleruche Get All The Way Live In Switzerland

Now this was a pleasant surprise today. One of my favorite British acts, Belleruche, performed at Switzerland's Festival Week-end au bord de l'eau this past July, and the organizers have kindly posted a video of the bands full set -- all 1 hour 15 minutes of it. Having seen the guys myself earlier this year, I can testify that live is where Belleruche come into their own. This performance seems a little subdued compared to what I saw, but they still sound fantastic and this is a great opportunity for those who haven't yet caught them live. The full set list can be found after the bounce and features songs from all four EPs/albums as well as a couple of new, unreleased tracks. The footage will remain online until October 1st so hurry up, press play, and spread the word.

Belleruche Live @ Festival Week-end au bord de l'eau, Switzerland setlist July 1, 2011:

1. "Clockwatching" (270 Stories)
2. "Gold Rush" (270 Stories)
3. "Fuzz Face" (270 Stories)
4. "Northern Girls" (Turntable Soul Music)
5. "Bird Mess" (Turntable Soul Music)
6. "3 Amp Fuse" (270 Stories)
7. Untitled (Unreleased)
8. "Bobby" (270 Stories)
9. "Anything You Want" (The Express)
10. "56% Proof" (The Liberty EP)
11. "Late Train" (The Express)
12. "Minor Swing" (Turntable Soul Music)
13. "Get More" (Unreleased)
14. Unknown (Unreleased)



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