We ‘Can’t Help’ Loving This Michael Jackson Remake By YahZarah

Had he lived to see today, Michael Jackson would have turned 53 years old. Although he was taken from us far too early and there will doubtfully never be a time when we don't mourn him, on a day like today it's only fitting to celebrate the greatness of the undisputed King of Pop. We'll play his music, watch his videos, look at old photos, and reminisce on the times we had. And if you're an artist, you may just pay tribute to the man by remaking one of his songs, which isn't always a good idea, but in YahZarah's case it's a great one. The new mommy delivered her rendition of "I Can't Help It" on J.Period and DJ Spinna's Michael Jackson Man or the Music 2 mixtape released in association with Spike Lee. I know what you're thinking, another "I Can't Help It" cover? Yes, but none do it quite like YahZarah. The songbird soars on this jazzy soul remake. It's a blissful joyride that fits into J.Period and Spinna's second MJ mixtape ever so lovely. Hit the bounce to peep the cover art and tracklisting, which includes rare Jackson cuts, remixes, and other assorted aural treats, and make haste to add this freelease to your MJ collection.

J.Period, DJ Spinna & Spike Lee present Michael Jackson Man or the Music 2 [Download]

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  • ADR

    Any clues where I can find vol. 1 of this?
    Tried on the site but didn't see anything.
    Many thanks 🙂

  • ADR

    My bad, there's everything in the link!
    Slowly waking up 🙂

  • paul

    Yahzarah - I Can't Help ItI on the l. period album mix is only 2.39 minutes long!? anyone knows where can I find the full downloadable version?? thanks.


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