Jessi Teich Isn’t Interested In ‘Your Man’

2011 is certainly churning out some great music, not necessarily from those artists we expected it from, but from newcomers and those relatively unknown at the start of the year. One such artist is vocalist Jessi Teich who, born and raised in New Jersey, was exposed to classic jazz and blues by her music-loving father. The sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, and Billie Holiday, combined with her love of modern day singers such as Fiona Apple and Sade, has molded and shaped the Philadelphia-based singer's sound into what it is today. She released her debut album, Barely There, in late 2010 and has been touring extensively since. She is now gearing up to release her latest single, "Me and Your Man," which tells the tale of a woman addressing another woman who believes she is is having an affair with her man. You can give the track a listen below and check out the full album on her SoundCloud page.

Jessi Teich: "Me and Your Man"


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