Kenton Dunson Is A ‘Firestarter’

We've all dealt with a heartbreaker at some point, haven't we? And now rapper/writer/producer/overall artist Kenton Dunson chronicles the saga of a love gone wrong in the new video for "Firestarter," off his Creative Destruction 2 album. Shot in Venice Beach, CA, this short film captures the ups and downs, highs and lows, hills and valleys, and general struggles of being in a relationship, especially when one lover is an emotional parasite. Dunson is the narrator; his gruff beard, curly afro, and mellow lyricism blend into the California landscape to good effect. I must say it got very interesting towards the end when the main character (who is foine, by the way) decides to pen the story of his bad romance with a bottle of Jack Daniels nearby. It leaves the audience wondering what firestorm will brew as a result of his drunken words. Perhaps the lyrics to "Firestarter"? Hmmm...



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