Make A ‘Pact’ With Little Jackie

Cast your minds back to 2008. Retro soul was well and truly the order of the day, with everyone and their mama giving that '60's Motown-esque sound a go (and many still are). Along came Little Jackie, comprised of Imani Coppola and Adam Pallin, who took that '60's revival sound and ran with it, but only after injecting a refreshingly wry sense of humor and some biting wit that earned them a Bounce-Worthy mention. It appeared the duo were destined to be a one-album-wonder, their pop/soul/hip-hop hybrid a fun experiment never to be repeated. Well folks it seems the duo decided that was not the case and have released a second album, Made4TV, independently. Fans of The Stoop will find plenty to make them smile here, as Imani tells tales of female sex-obsession ("Cock Block"), cougars ("21st B-day Party"), her aversion to monogamy ("31 Flavors"), and making a pact with a friend to get it on if all else fails ("The Pact"). Check out a couple of tracks below and cop Made4TV from Little Jackie's Bandcamp page. This album is essential if you need some humor in your life. [H/T: AOAAD]

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