Monica & Rick Ross Will Do ‘Anything (To Find You)’

With her seventh album on the horizon, Monica decided to reach back in the crates and do a little recycling from the '90s for "Anything (To Find You)," the first single from New Life. When the beat drops in, heads will automatically recognize the borrowed beat from The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Who Shot Ya," then she channels her inner Mary J. when she begins singing a line from Method Man's "All I Need." The Missy Elliott production does step into 2011 with the inclusion of everyone's favorite big belly bawse, Rick Ross, joining Monica on the track and in the shiny new music video. The '90's vibe carries over ever-so-slightly into the vid with Mrs. Shannon Brown barely looking a day over 18 and dancers dressed in colorful spandex and dookie ropes and dancing hella hard for their checks. Monica looks as good as she sounds, and Rozay's beard is shaped and moisturized to perfection.

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  • hidaya

    where's queen bee? this video ain't hott without her.

  • soulzkidd

    Thank goodness some artist are digging in the crates instead of embracing the crap music that's getting played on radio today!!!

  • AI

    lovely but forgettable

  • @hidaya Monica tweeted about Lil Kim being eliminated from the song. She was upset and stressed she had nothing to do with it and said she would fight for Lil Kim. But the record execs have the last say so.

  • nybruh

    Does Missy have to screech on all of the songs she produces for Monica?

  • Mrs Wallace would not clear the sample as long as Queen Bee was on it....which is why Ro ZAY (in my best officer ricky voice) was added...

  • Michelle

    I think Monica looks like a beautiful young woman in her 20s in the video, not a teenager who barely looks over 18. Jesus Christ!
    What is with black people?! People are either opining about how teens look too 'grown' because of 'hormones in the milk' or coming out their mouths about how grown women look young look teens. I'm a 23-year-old woman who is often mistaken for a pre-teen, and while I know I look young, I know I don't I don't look -that- young.
    Anyway, the song is aight. It's not bad, but doesn't have any replay value to me--and I actually like Monica. I agree with "Al," it's forgettable.

  • @Michelle: I commented that Monica looked 18-ish to relate it to the '90's vibe of this song when she was in fact a teenager. She turns 31 next month and I'm sure she would take that as a compliment and not fly off the handle like yourself. Please take your personal issues elsewhere. May I suggest a therapist.


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