Morning Soul: Round And Round You Go

  • Whitney Houston is in negotiations to star alongside Jordin Sparks in an upcoming Sparkle remake. That sound you hear is my bawling at the computer. [THR]
  • Jamie Foxx was announced as host of the planned Michael Jackson train wreck tribute concert, scheduled for October 8th in Wales. [BB]
  • Justin Timberlake needs more shelf space: he won two more Emmys at ceremonies this past weekend. [MTV]
  • Just in time for back-to-school reading lists: Ice-T and Coco have new novels hitting the streets today. (Wonder if they feature pop-up pictures?) [RO]
  • Watch out, Kelis: Nas is working on his memoir, It Ain't Too Hard to Tell, scheduled to be released next year. [BET]

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  • Jordin Sparks as "Sparkle"? Lawd, no! And who is Whitney going to play, Sparkle's mother Effie? 'Cause she damn shole can't play Sister. Waaaay too old and past her prime.


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