Andreya Triana’s Fink Cover Is ‘Perfect’

My obsession preoccupation with all things Andreya Triana is well known and well documented on these very pages. Any snippet of new music, any live performance, any cover version and I'm all over it. So when her name popped up alongside a song called "Perfect Darkness," I was eager to press play. The song is yet another Andreya cover version, this time of a track from her label-mate Fink's latest album of the same name. What's quite unique with this particular cover though is that Andreya's version is being released alongside Fink's on the official single release. Both versions feature beautifully haunting vocals over a stripped back acoustic backdrop, however I have got to say it's Andreya's version that I prefer. Take a listen to it below and check out the original after the bounce.

Andreya Triana: "Perfect Darkness"

After the bounce

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