Dee-1 Has A Message For ‘Uncle Tom’

We all know the type. We may have gone to school with one, go to work with another, or even be related to the kinda person who many would describe as an Uncle Tom. New Orleans rapper Dee-1 takes aim at such individuals on his song "Uncle Tom" and brings it all to hilarious life in the music video. Set in an office, the main character wants nothing to do with his black co-workers but damn near does backflips for his white ones. (Gee, I feel like director Tyler Dixon filmed this at a one of my old jobs.) Dee-1 continues reading the riot act to those who feel like black is wack and white is alright and even relays a story his grandmother told him about a whole section of his family who he doesn't know who are passing for white. Now, Dee-1 also dresses up like his grandmother in a most hilarious wig and housecoat get-up, but get past that and into the message in his music.

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  • stoneyisland

    The tan clan:-) LMAO. Dee-1 is just a dope mc. Easily the best outta Naw'lins..................

  • I ♥ dee-1!lmao at the tan clan...


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