Feel The Beat With Gloria Estefan In ‘Wepa’

Are you ready to dance? Pop icon Gloria Estefan hopes so, because she's got just the soundtrack to get you moving with "Wepa." The song, one of the many collaborations with hitmaker Pharrell Williams on Gloria's latest album, Miss Little Havana, is a spicy little number that channels the feel of hot nights in Miami's South Beach and relies heavily on pulsing congas and brassy horns to get its point across. To further drive home that you should be on your feet as soon as this song plays, Gloria enlisted an entire troupe of dancers for the accompanying video just to show you how it's done. The multi-culti crew dances it up to their heart's content as Gloria, looking very good for someone who's been in the business 30+ years, mugs for the camera and even joins in for a little bit. If you're digging "Wepa," then you'll be happy to know that Pharrell and Gloria laced quite a few tracks on Miss Little Havana with the same kind of dance floor flavor. Be sure to pick it up at Target or iTunes if you haven't already. Now excuse me as I cut a rug or two.

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