Nas Does ‘Good’ In The Hood In ‘Nasty’

The music video for "Nasty," the lead single for Nas' upcoming album Life Is Good, might start off with him smoking a cigar while popping bottles with models wrapped in lavish furs and dripping in ice in the back of a luxury vehicle -- you know, like all rappers do daily -- but it doesn't end there. That Rolls Royce takes him straight to the streets where he hits the block but not before giving a little chica the fur off his back. His benevolence doesn't end there as he walks through the streets peeling off clothes and handing out stacks and jewelry to the people showing him mad love along the way. He winds up not in a fancy overpriced-by-the-hour recording studio but in a homemade situation spitting with the hunger of so many young rappers spitting bars in their bedrooms at this very moment. Nas is sounding and looking good, and the Antonique Smith cameo was pretty fly, too.

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