The Stuyvesants Want To Give Us ‘The Finer Things’ In Life

The soundtrack for summer 2010, at least for me, consisted almost solely of Brooklyn's Finest, the first project to come from the collaborative genius that is The Stuyvesants. Comprised of Allan Cole aka Algorythm and Darien Victor Birks of Flwrpt combined their mutual talents emerging as a creative force that spans from crate digging, to design, and, of course, innovative music production. With the distinctive sound they've made their own, The Stuyvesants have returned to grace us with their sophomore LP The Finer Things Volume 1 & 2. Each volume contains 20 tracks that allow listeners to explore a vibrant musical landscape that is surprisingly different than the '70's-inspired stroll we took through Bed-Stuy (where both artist reside) on Brooklyn's Finest. If their first project was an unofficial ode to summer, then The Stuyvesants sophomore follow-up is a love letter to fall. The undeniable air of nostalgia that you feel on The Finer Things actually creates an effortless blend of old and new, a wink to the past, and a (head) nod to the future if you will. Currently available for free -- yes, all 40 tracks are free -- download, The Finer Things will make a lovely addition to your soundtrack for colder days and longer nights. Take the track "Sunny 78" from The Finer Things Volume 1 for a test drive to see what I mean.

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