Erykah Badu Schools Us At Red Bull Music Academy

Fans of Erykah Badu rejoice. As part of Red Bull Music Academy's annual series of lectures/workshops, this year held in Madrid, the eclectic singer sat down for an epic, two-hour interview with RBMA's Eothen "Egon" Alapatt. As you would expect, the interview is comprehensive to say the least, with Erykah giving us the low-down on her beginnings in music and her signing with the godfather of "neo-soul," Kedar Massenburg, her relationship with the group of artists who would go on to be known as the Soulquarians, as well as the influences and inspiration behind each of her five studio albums. Of particular interest are the portions where Erykah talks in depth about her relationship with fellow artists, in particular Dilla who she revisits throughout the talk and obviously misses dearly. She also touches on the controversy surrounding the release of the "Window Seat" video, the effect it had on her relationship with her label, and how it may alter the avenue through which she releases her next project (apparently a collaboration with Flying Lotus). As most of us are more used to getting our information through 140 character snapshots, it is a rare treat to get such an honest, frank, and in-depth look at one of this generations most respected artists. Grab a drink or a snack, clear your schedule for two hours, and enjoy!

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