Is This Mamas Gun & Beverley Knight Duet The ‘One’?

Midway through this year, as part of our "The Game" series, we bemoaned the fact that the duet has fallen out of fashion. Sure there are a few exceptions as we highlighted, but for the most part true duets have been cast aside in favor of a guest feature on a verse or hook. Around the same time that post went live we brought you news that Bounce-Worthy British group, Mamas Gun, would be collaborating with reigning UK soul queen Beverley Knight on their latest album, The Life and Soul. Fast-forward six months and that track, "Only One," is being lined up as their next single to be released in January, and in support the band took to the studio, with Ms. Knight in tow, to record a live version of the track. I think you'll agree that Andy Platts' and Beverley's vocals go hand-in-hand. Let's hope there are more collaborations to come.

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