We’ll Take Cee-Lo Green ‘Anyway’ We Can Get Him

Way back in August 2010 (it really does seem like ages ago, no?) Cee-Lo Green set the whole lyric video concept off with the one he released for his monstrous hit "F--k You." It may not have been the first such video of its kind, but it took things to a new level thanks in large part to the song's bawdy content. Cee-Lo-Lo returns to the lyric video to debut his new single, "Anyway," which is allegedly from the upcoming super-sized edition of The Lady Killer that is scheduled to be released in the UK on November 28th. "Anyway" is the polar opposite to "F--k You" with Green professing his love for his lady who loves him regardless of how he acts. It's a musical love fest. This song is cute and poppy, but I'd love to hear a funky and soulful house remix of some form or fashion. I got a soul clap ready and waiting.

  • incredible song...not as good as fuck u, but its up there

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