What The Game’s Been Missing: Thanksgiving Songs

A brisk chill has beset the hood, the golden and rouged leaves of maple trees play in dappled autumn light. Back at home Big Mama is putting the finishing touches on the sweet potato pie, and Uncle Junebug is (unsuccessfully) trying to hide the Henny on his breath.

Ah, the Thanksgiving holidays!

But a critical element is missing from this yearly celebration of food, family, and football -- music!. Thanksgiving is a secondary holiday. It has the food and awkward family interactions of Christmas but not the Jesus or gifts, and you can't dress up as a skanky nurse at the dinner table and eat sweets like its Halloween (unless you happen to be Uncle Junebug's significantly younger date). Thanksgiving needs a musical makeover. The last Thursday in November is traditionally the earliest acceptable day to play Christmas music, but what about Thanksgiving music? There should be soul and R&B tunes that can reflect the emotions and feelings of the people celebrating. Turkey Day deserves more -- if it doesn't, it'll get swallowed up by the behemoth that is Jesus' birthday (the mall already has boughs of holly hanging up, weeks before Thanksgiving since consumerism just cannot chill). This madness needs to stop IMMEDIATELY, and that's why SoulBounce wants to suggest a few jams to make your jelly roll while you bake, broil, and burn for Thanksgiving.

These songs should invoke a spirit of thankfulness, but may also cover the following topics: family, coming together, football, food, and turkey. For those who are more socially conscious, the songs may also want to cover the pillaging of peaceful nations under the guise of a turkey dinner and ground maize, and Plymouth rock landing on people rather than people landing on Plymouth rock. Either way, a wide cross section of people have music that sets the mood for a holiday that needs a little more love.

Thanksgiving playlist:

Sister Sledge
- "We Are Family"

Boyz II Men
- "A Song for Mama"

Kanye West
- "Family Business"

- "I Care 'Bout You"

Mary Mary
- "Thankful"

The Temptations
- "Get (that food) Ready"

Consolation song: Ms. Peachez - "Fry That Chicken"*
*Warning: this is a hoodbooger anthem, but lots of fun. Listen at your own risk.

OK Bouncers, what songs do you listen to when you get ready to throw down for Thanksgiving? What tracks diffuse the tension between Aunt Milly and your sister about whose stuffing is better? Most importantly, who is gonna invite me to their festivities? Have a blessed holiday!

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