Bianca Raquel Gives A ‘F–k’

I'm not usually one for salty language in R&B. To me, it's usually just done for shock value and rarely adds anything to the song (not that I'm against cursing, as anyone who knows me will attest to). So I was very ready to dismiss newcomer Bianca Raquel's "F--k It" on general principle. Boy, am I glad I didn't. Not only does Bianca have the voice of an angel, but she knows her way around a song as well. Yes, it heavily includes the titular word in all its crassness, but it's used to convey despair at a relationship gone awry. Along the way, we realize that, though she's angry enough to curse, she's hurting, too. And of course the sweet (and sour) kiss off of "Oh, and f--k you, too" is the perfect way to end the song. I was actually surprised to witness so much talent wrapped up in Bianca's pretty package (hey, I've been fooled before), but it turns out that she's the daughter of legendary musician Ray Chew, the current musical director for American Idol who has also worked with The Singing Bee, Showtime at the Apollo, and Sunday Best, so it seems that talent runs through the family. Bianca is currently mixing her debut album, which we should be seeing sometime soon. If you can't wait until then, you can stay locked into her YouTube channel for her multitude of covers and updates.

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