Funkommunity Are ‘On’ Another Level

With 2011 pretty much a wrap, we're already looking forward to the new music on 2012's horizon. One such highly-anticipated record is the album, Chequered Thoughts, from New Zealand outfit Funkommunity, which is scheduled for international release in March. We've gotten a hearty helping of their brand of Kiwi soul on the album's first single, "Pass It On," a funk-filled excursion to the nearest dance floor. Now there's a music video for the track, which is rather off the wall and something I have yet to make sense of after repeated viewings. Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser are joined by Funkommunity's three other band members and together they take us on a wild ride complete with exploding cherries, a food fight, and other random madness. Bizarre video aside, this song jams. Here's to hoping the rest of the album is just as dope.

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