James Blake Makes His ‘Case’ With A New Video

I believe it was a wise man that once said "Joni Mitchell never lies," and that man was right. Whether the song was about love, cultural politics, or just a simple observation, Mitchell's lyrics always ring true and heartfelt. Crooner James Blake must surely agree with the wise Q-Tip, as he covered her beautiful love song "A Case of You" (from her 1971 album Blue) for his EP Enough Thunder (and the deluxe edition of his self-titled album). The song's accompanying video is equally as wonderful as James' cover. Subscribing to the idea of video simplicity, the entire clip is a study of the female lead. The camera never leaves her as we see her go through the emotional ins and outs of a relationship while James' unique, soothing voice sings. As I mentioned before, you can find his version of "A Case of You" on the deluxe edition of James Blake or on his EP Enough Thunder, both of which are available on iTunes.

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