Marques Toliver Has An ‘Answer’ For You

It's been a few months since we've heard anything new from the Bounce-Worthy Marques Toliver but, judging from his latest output, those months were put to good use. His latest freelease, Studying For My Ph.D, is chock-full of inspired musical moments that are sure to put a smile on the face of Bouncers the world over. If you are questioning that claim, then I present to you Mr. Toliver's "The Answer" to refute any doubt. Sampling the whimsical opening of The Jackson Five classic "Never Can Say Goodbye" to perfection (I still don't understand why we don't hear those precious few seconds sampled more often) to deliver an inspirational message and make sure to let you know to keep your head up. And if that didn't already get you open, he splices in a bit of Maya Angelou for good effect, incorporating a bit of one of her speeches as well as a reading of her seminal poem "Still I Rise" throughout. If you didn't already believe it before, Marques is one talented dude. To experience more of Marques' amazing talents, and to see what else he can do with a myriad of soul/R&B vocal samples and a violin, head over to his SoundCloud page to download Studying For My Ph.D for the low price of $free.99. [H/T: BLS]

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