Should Olivia Keep At This Music Thing Or Just ‘Walk Away’?

Don't judge me, but I've been keeping up with VH1's Love & Hip Hop religiously this season. Between that and the new kids on the block T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, my Monday nights are full of ratchet "reality." Love & Hip Hop is especially entertaining this season with regular appearances by Jim Jones' "physicotic" doing-the-most mother Nancy and the addition of Kimbella, who has done the most black men to hear fellow cast member Emily Bustamante tell it. It's an hour of piping hot messiness with some behind-the-scenes music industry dealings thrown in for good measure. Such as on this past Monday's episode that saw resident R&B bridesmaid-but-never-the-bride Olivia getting a healthy dose of real talk from her people as they all try to figure out what to do with her next. Her song "December" came and went and wasn't that hit that she needs, but she's determined to make things pop and sang a snippet of this track to prove that she's still got it. She didn't sound bad then and now that the full studio version of "Walk Away" has hit the net, it's clear that she doesn't sound bad now. The woman can sing, that's no question, but her material is extra ordinary as opposed to extraordinary. There's nothing special, unique, or timeless here. I'm curious to see how people respond to this, especially after she broke down in tears on Monday night, but I still don't think this is the hit song she needs to keep her in the game. I want Olivia to win -- I really do -- but it seems as if we're just not that into her.

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