‘Stay’ A While And Listen To Tyrese, Faith Evans & Rick Ross

So maybe I was wrong to be more excited about the collaborators on this remix than the original artist, but when it's Faith Evans and Rick Ross can you really blame me? C'mon, son! Are you kidding me? No diss to Tyrese (OK, maybe saying that was a diss in and of itself), but I listened to this remix of his current chart-topper "Stay" based on the strength of those two aforementioned names alone and my goodness they did not disappoint. The intro starts off sounding like the beginning to Craig Mack's "Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)" with the sound of an empty glass bottle being hit and Tyrese doing his best Diddy impersonation. From there, Faith takes center stage on the first verse, hook, bridge, and outro (basically the whole song) and sounds like the star we all know she is. Tyrese is actually an afterthought here; this sounds more like a Miss Dunaway track than it does his. Rawse steps in the place like a boss, his voice flowing smoothly over the old school sample. (Speaking of which, what song is sampled here?) This joint is reminiscent of remixes from the '90s, which were sometimes entirely new songs able to stand on their own, which this totally does. Consider me impressed with this trio and waiting with fingers crossed for more music this good to come out of Faith Evans' corner soon.

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