‘You Don’t’ Want To Miss Gods’illa & Maimouna Youssef

Years may go by, seasons may change, but something that is pretty consistent in the hip-hop video realm is the party scene. Whether it's a big-budget affair in a fancy club with copious amounts of bottle poppin and models dropping it or a DIY situation filmed in someone's living room, the party scene is an essential staple in hip-hop videos. We get invited to yet another shindig in the visuals for the song "You Don't Have To Be A Star" from the brotherly trio Gods'illa with Maimouna Youssef on vocals. Acem Eternal Mind, God Allah Truth, and Powerful Rasheem Mathematics each get a little camera time in between two-stepping with the pretty ladies who populate the dance floor. Mixed in are scenes of each Gods'illa member with their women both in happier times and bad. It's a good way to break up the run-of-the-mill hip-hip party video and turn it into something a little more.

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