You Will Not Want To ‘Pass’ On Funkommunity’s Latest Track

Earlier in the year we brought you a sneak preview of Funkommunity's debut album, Chequered Thoughts, in the shape of the buzz-single, "The Light." The album is now available in Australia and New Zealand, and is gaining favorable reviews all round, but those of us not lucky enough to be living in that part of the world will have to wait until early 2012 to get our hands on it. Thankfully Melting Pot Music have picked the album up for international distribution, and they have dropped the official first single, "Pass It On," as an early Christmas present. The track, with its serious head-nodding groove, sees Isaac Aesili and Rachel Fraser in top form, with their trademark blend of funk, dub, and soul. After hearing these two tracks, I can't wait to get my hands on the full release.

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