Carl Thomas & Snoop Dogg Take It To The Club For ‘Don’t Kiss Me’

There are a few things in life that are guaranteed: death, taxes, and club scenes in music videos. You would think that people would tire of seeing videos of faux party scenes set in faux clubs, but artists keep churning them out. The latest to do it is Carl Thomas for the song "Don't Kiss Me" featuring none other than the perpetually smoked out Snoop Dogg. The scene is set with Snoop surrounded by numerous model chicks and other assorted club-goers while Carl performs on the stage and dancers break out into choreographed stepping. Of course, there's a pretty young thing who Carl romances at the bar and, of course, she falls for his charms. There's no new or interesting ground broken here, so watch this if you're a Carl Thomas fan or to hear the song, but otherwise you've seen this video a million times before. 

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