D’ANGELO IS BACK! Yes! Really!

Family, friends, and foes, feast your eyes on some of the first footage to surface of the mythical creature known to many as D'Angelo who returned to the concert stage tonight in Stockholm, Sweden to kick off his heralded and highly-anticipated European concert tour. Man, listen. Sh-t. Just. Got. Real. Word is that he blazed through old material and introduced the captive audience to a few new songs from his upcoming album all the while looking and -- more importantly -- sounding in top form. More videos are bound to surface in the coming minutes, hours, and days, but for right now get into this dope eight-minute long rendition of "Chicken Grease" from Voodoo. Welcome back, D'Angelo, we've missed you.

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  • Downindixie

    I've been waiting for this moment, But dude looks kinda busted. He needs a stylist asap. He's got a long way to go. He looks like the struggling musician you see at the club. Welcome back though.........

  • Sonaya

    still in love with him, welcome back i sure missed his voice ..

  • SororSalsa

    So great to see D'Angelo back onstage after a 12-year absence (dang, has it been that long since Voodoo???). But he does look quite busted, and I don't know how much a stylist can do about that. Dude has had a hard life in the last decade. I might.....might believe we'll get a new album before Nevuary 2027 after seeing this.

  • langston

    After watching this piece of his performance, which follows a decade plus long absence, your takeaway is that he looks kinda busted??? He's not the exact physical incarnation of D'Angelo circa 2000, but he's far from looking kinda busted. SMH...He always wore a lot of black, so that's just his aesthetic. Anyway, what's way more significant is that he still has the voice. And unlike with the still great Lauryn Hill, it seems comparably as "fit" as before. I am excited about the real possibility of a full return.

  • Downindixe

    Actually, he's in better shape than he was during "Voodoo". He's just more muscular. It's just the baggy clothes and that floppy hair that make him look homeless. I know the music is important, but so is your presentation.....

  • rtoriq

    @Langston: THANK YOU!!!!
    This man's music not only was sexy to us, it was on some Stevie shyt to a lot of us. Brown Sugar will ALWAYS be in a class of its own, but Voodoo is SUCH a classic album: lyrically emotional, FLAWLESS soulful production, and vocally on tip-top point. And you can tell he is a perfectionist with his music. He has had LOTS of trials, so it is REFRESHING to see D back....and the first thing we gonna hear about is how busted/unstylish he looks? i'm sure it was an aside, but considering how's he's pulled himself out of a lot, what is the point of even bringing that up? When did this cool ass music site became a gossip site? Cmon now...

  • Downindixie

    @ rtoriq
    And I thought I was a music snob. Look, I've been riding with D since day 1. But loving his music doesn't mean that's all we should notice. If that's the case, why did he get in tip top shape TWICE. I know the "appearence" thing destroyed him, but it WAS a side comment so please calm down.

  • mmj

    omfg a stylist thats why music is dieing people are blinded damn fools

  • Downindixie

    Here we go again.......look, it was a side remark!!!!! The music was great so PLEASE get off of your musical high horses, damn!!!!! 

  • jens

    Here's a little bit of last night:

  • SororSalsa

    My comment about him looking busted had nothing to do with his previous "Untitled"'s more about what he has been through over the last 12 years and that he obviously came out the other end a little worse for the wear. I could care less whether he regained his old form, just that he's healthy now.
    I am a music lover, so appearance is not important, but yes...put yourself together a bit. I know that folks' obsession with his chiseled physique back in the Voodoo days is what caused D'Angelo's undoing, so I hope he doesn't go back to that.

  • Traci J.

    PRAYERS ANSWERED! :::breaks into a run and starts shouting:::

  • JX

    The D is back and I love it!
    Saw the second concert in Copenhagen this Saturday. I wasn't dissappointed, don't get it twisted. He's voice is still PERFECT, his timing UNCHALLANGED, and he truly looks like he found his smile again. I was however a little bit surprised by his choice of songs, and the way he choose to perform them. There was a whole bounce of songs that he never played. The band was incredible for sure, but I wish that the D himself would take more place in his surroundings. Some of the new songs sounded really great, others not so much... Too much guitarr!!! Palladino is a GREAT guitarrist but his weaping instrument sometimes changed the whole sound of the performance, and not for the better... Again I love the fact that D is back, I was blessed to see him, looking forward to his new album... but NOT a great concert, unfortunately...

  • Downindixie

    @ JX
    So basically he didn't do what you thought he should.......

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