Frank Ocean Does His ‘Voodoo’ Oh So Well

D'Angelo's triumphant return to the stage isn't the only reason that voodoo is on our minds. That's because Frank Ocean has just dropped a new (but brief) track entitled "Voodoo" via his Tumblr (which he seems to update on a constant basis). "Voodoo" showcases Frank's interesting worldview. While the melody skews toward a more mainstream sound, Frank sticks to his creative wordplay. The lyrics are very poetic and have a lot more depth than some of his previous offerings (with just a touch of crassness thrown in for good measure). What exactly does any of it have to do with voodoo? That seems like a question for Frank to answer, as I don't see any correlation in the lyrics at all. It's far too short to be an album track, but maybe it could be an interlude on nostalgia, LITE (or even some other project). With this and other offerings coming to light, we can only hope that Frankie will deliver something soon.

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  • sol

    where is the download? there is no link?


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