John Legend & Ludacris Wanna Give You Something ‘Tonight’

John Legend lets his sexy loose on his new single "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)," from the soundtrack to the film Think Like A Man, in theaters soon. I know what you're thinking, "John Legend?...Sexy?" and, yes, it can happen and it indeed does on this song where he musically seduces his lady by telling her how good he's going to give it to her. It's so good, as a matter of fact, that it'll be the best she's ever had. Well excuse me. Let me find out that what's beneath John's belt is what's really legendary around these parts. Ludacris steps in to add his own boastful rap with a line about "light skin love" that made me chuckle. It's not all fun and games, though; these two mean business and you better be prepared if you plan to spend the night.

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