Soulpersona Has Another Jodeci Remix For ‘You’

Soulpersona's Jodeci remixes are giving me everything I need in life right now. First, he gave us his take on "Freek'n You," and now he's gone and done it again -- he put his own spin on "Cry For You," one of the beggingest songs ever created and my personal favorite Jodeci jam. On the "Soulpersona 69 Remix" he strips down the music and highlights the strength of the vocals with periodic synth interjections. You just don't get these types of harmonies anymore, people! This remix is enough to have you doing bodyrolls all up and through your office. If you need a midday desk-grind session, bust out the leather vests and baseball caps, y'all, it's time to get your freak on.

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