‘Who’s Loving’ This Look Into Nikka Costa’s Past?

Most people stateside didn't really get into vocal and performing powerhouse Nikka Costa until they heard her soulful "Like A Feather." But Nikka was already an international musical star in her own right. As a matter of fact, in the mid-'90s, Nikka gained somewhat of a following in Australia for her album Butterfly Rocket. On her video webseries Nikka's Box, she gave a shout to her long time fans and played a special acoustic version of her most requested song from that era, the lovely "Who's Loving You?" I've had the pleasure of seeing the talented Ms. Costa doing her thing live, so I know what a dynamo she is. If you haven't, though, this stripped-down performance is a great indicator of the depths that her talent can reach. Check out her acoustic performance and be sure to cop her latest offering, Pro*Whoa!, which is out now. [H/T: DRFB]



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