Allow Rhye To Get You ‘Open’

Who exactly are Rhye? That seems to be the question du jour around the blogosphere. The mysterious European synth-pop act seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this month with their six-song EP, titled Open, and their lead single of the same name. Quite a few names have been tossed around when discussing just who exactly this could be (I have a sneaking suspicion that Robin Hannibal is involved in some form or fashion), but they're succeeding in keeping things as ambiguous as possible. In line with that logic, the (very NSFW) video for "Open" finds a lot of random men and women getting together between the sheets. What would seem lascivious, however, is actually quite beautiful when paired with the lyrics and synth instrumentation of the song. If you want to hear more of Rhye, cop the Open EP on iTunes. You can also learn (very little) about the group/artist by visiting Rhye's Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Again, the video is very NSFW, so if your HR person comes looking at you sideways, don't say you weren't warned.

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