Bounce-Worthy: All Cows Eat Grass

Atlanta has long been a hotbed of talent, and there's a new collective of musicians from the area emerging onto the scene who go by the name of All Cows Eat Grass.

They quietly released their debut project, a three-song EP entitled The M.I.L.K. EP, last October that featured a next level genre-blending mix of soul, hip hop, rock, electronica and more. Although information on the group is scarce, with their future funk sound, it should come as no surprise that All Cows Eat Grass are from the Janelle Monáe and Jaspects camp. This will be quite evident after one listen to the EP, which has that Jaspects stamp all over it and sounds like the natural progression from The Polkadotted Stripe. If you loved that album, then you'll definitely dig what these ACEG cats are doing on this, the first in a three-part series. Listen to the EP, paying special attention to personal favorites "We All Win" and "M.I.L.K.," which is an acronym for "make it look kool."

We may not know what All Cows Eat Grass look like yet, but they definitely make it sound "kool." Invest the small sum of $2.97 into copping The M.I.L.K. EP on iTunes, and look out for the second installment, the Be Kool EP, to be released on February 16th.

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