Reggae Icon Bob Marley’s Story To Be Told In ‘Marley’

I don't know how I missed this trailer for the upcoming documentary about reggae superstar Bob Marley when it surfaced earlier this month, but lest my Jamaican pass be revoked, I'm all over this now. The legendary icon's life story will be chronicled in a film simply entitled Marley, which is scheduled to hit theaters and OnDemand on April 20th -- that's 4/20 for you, ahem, herbalists out there. In the film directed by Academy Award-winning director Kevin MacDonald, archival photos and footage of Bob performing and being interviewed before his untimely death in 1981 at the age of 36 is combined with current interviews with his wife, Rita Marley, and many of his children, including Cedella and Ziggy who are in the trailer. For those only hip to Bob Marley through their copy of Legend or those who may be more familiar with his story and the depth of his catalog, this project is a welcome look into his life by those who knew him best. The Oscars may have just happened last night, but, if done well, this film may just be an early contender for an award next year.

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