The Slakadeliqs & Justin Nozuka Encourage You To ‘Keep Breathing’

One of my favorite releases so far this year has been The Other Side of Tomorrow by The Slakadeliqs, a side project that SoulBounce fave Slakah the Beatchild released last month. Slakah being the man of many talents that he is, is a veritable one-stop shop because not only does he sing, play, and produce, he's also pretty nice behind the camera and we get to see him work his visual magic directing the music video for the album's second single, "Keep Breathing." The track features his vocals as well as those of Justin Nozuka, and both are featured prominently in the video, which alternates between black-and-white shots of them singing on a soundstage and full-color visuals of individuals (one of which is played by Slakah's homegirl Ayah) who are going through some tough emotional times. Beatchild and Nozuka encourage them via song to keep breathing in spite of their troubles. If you're going through something now, this is definitely a message to take heed to.

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