Will Monica & Brandy’s Latest Be ‘All’ You Hoped For?

It's been14 years since Brandy and Monica collaborated on the blockbuster single "The Boy Is Mine" in 1998, so it goes without saying that anticipation shot up when news of a new collaboration leaked last month. And now that collaboration is finally here. "It All Belongs To Me" is a Rico Love-produced joint set to appear on both Monica's upcoming album New Life as well as Brandy's as-yet-untitled RCA Records debut. So was all the excitement warranted? Yes and no. Not that it's bad. Honestly, it'd be hard for any collaboration between these two talented ladies to be bad. Still, it doesn't have the urgency (and viable drama) that their previous collaboration had when it was released. Instead of fighting over a man, we find the much more mature women kicking one to the curb. "You must be blind/You must be dumb/You must be trippin'/You must be crazy/To think that I'ma let you off that easy," they sing before harmonizing on a chorus punctuated by "That s--t belongs to me." Well, alrighty then. Regardless of any expectations, though, the song finds both ladies in fine form even if it's not the event record that "The Boy Is Mine" turned out to be. Get into "It All Belongs to Me" below and let us know what you think about Monica and Brandy's studio reunion.


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